Bringing the truth to the masses through



~one united voice~


The mothership movement is a not for profit organization that


brings together artists who are working to evolve humanity


through their artforms. Video, performance, theater,


visionary arts, Dance, and outreach services.


The mothership movement Takes off as a collective of these


gifted artists join their creative forces and unify their


artistic visions and voices. Now is the time. 

With all of the key ingredients to EMPOWER a better future~


Creativity, Spirit, Purpose, Teamwork,


Education/Wisdom and Community Roots -


we invite YOU to play an important role in the


expansion of this circle and simply show up!

As we move and build together as a unified force

we are much stronger than as an individual.

The Mothership Movement is a

outreach project of Seven7sisters Productions.

seven7sisters foundation.png

~The mothership movement Ω movement for the people~




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There have been many requests for the song Sunenergy from this page, it comes on Starsinger's solo album called "Bruja from the Skynation" only available by mail, if you want it you can make a donation of $10 to paypal mothershipmovement@gmail.com and she will mail it to you.

Thank you so much for your Love and Support